Representation of the Rescate of the Donzelles Cent.
Vila-seca. July 10 and 11, 2010
The representation of the Rescue of the Hundred Maidens in Vila-seca

 In 2010, for the first time in history, the theatrical representation of the Rescue of the Hundred maidens took place in Vila-seca. The representation was carried out with the collaboration of the Bagà Medieval Association that provided the necessary material to be accomplished, the support of the City Council of Bagà as well as of the Town Hall of Vila-seca that assumed the expense and the coordination. On the occasion of the representation, a collaboration between the two municipalities was created to carry out the representation every two years in one of the municipalities.

By having the material necessary and the participation of people from Vila-seca, members of associations of the municipality and other people who wanted to participate in the event, the representation could be executed, more than 200 people among actors, musicians, stage machinery, make-up artists, management team … made the representation a success, two performances were made, due to the great demand of tickets. On the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, with about 2,500 people attending the public in both days. In 2012 was presented again under the same conditions as in 2010.

Josep Toquero Pujals
Letters Seccion of the Cultural Association of Vila-seca
Fragments of the Rescate of the Hundred Donzelles. Bagà. July 13, 2013
The representation of the Rescue of the Hundred Maidens in Bagà

The first staging of the Legend of the Rescue of the Hundred Maidens took place in Bagà in 1990, under the impulse of Bagà’s Town Hall, organized first by the Organizing Committee of the Rescue of the Hundred Maidens and afterwards by the Board of the Rescue of the Hundred Maidens. The initial text was an adaptation of the original text made by director Jaume Batiste, verse by the priest Josep Serra Janer, and music by Elisard Sala and Lluís Albert. The performances were annual until 1996. After a year of parentheses, the Medieval Association of Bagà assumed the staging, also annually, until 2003.

In 2002 and 2003 a text of Nicasi Camps was represented. It was not until 2009 that he returned, recovering the adaptation of the initial text and now biannually, alternating with Vila-seca, until 2013, by the hand of the respective theater groups in each town. After that date, it was only staged again in 2017.

Ester Berenguer Cuyàs
Medieval Association of Bagà